mvn install deletes source file (outside of normal src tree)

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mvn install deletes source file (outside of normal src tree)


I'm trying to learn how to use the Javascript Maven Plugin, but I've had lots of issues I would like to fix one at a time.

So my first failed attempt: I have a build that works on the first try, but deletes require.js in the process so that subsequent builds fail.  My directory structure is vanilla AFAICT, except that require.js is located at <project root>/deps/require.js.  My pom.xml is vanilla.  

I'm not using almond.js in this revision.  The file <project root>/src/main/resources/game.html has this script:

<script data-main="../js/main.js" src="../../../deps/require.js"></script>

and /src/main/js/main.js looks like this:

/*global requirejs define */

(function() {
var jsSourceRoot = "../../main/js"; // root of js code, excluding 3rd-party and test code.
//By default load any module IDs from js/lib
baseUrl: jsSourceRoot,
paths: { Box2dWeb: '../../../deps/Box2dWeb-2.1.a.3/Box2dWeb-2.1.a.3.min', physicsService: jsSourceRoot + '/Box2dWebPhysics', renderingService: jsSourceRoot + '/Box2dWebDebugRendering'

define('canvas', document.getElementById("canvas"));
define('drawScale',  50.0);

// Start the main app logic.
function   (game) {

Does that give enough info?  The complete source code is at 685c64f.

Why would the build process delete a file it didn't create?  Am I doing something invalid / unsupported?