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exec:java ClassNotFoundException

Archibald, James

I'm getting a ClassNotFoundException when using the exec:java plugin.

Here is a description:








I have two maven modules, Module1 contains a spring xml file that imports the spring file from Module2



<!-module1 spring file -->




<import resources=3D"classpath:/META-INF/spring/module2.xml"/>





Module2 contains a bean calls com.foo.Foo



<!-module2 spring file -->




<bean class=3D"com.foo.Foo"/>





Module1 is packaged as a jar file while module2 is packaged as a bundle using the maven-bundle-plugin.



Module2 has an export package as follows:






When I run Module1 using the mvn exec:java plugin I get a class not found on com.foo.Foo. When I removed the ! from the <Export-Package> everything works and I don't get a class not found exception.



Since I'm not running in an OSGi environment I don't see why this would occur. Or am I wrong?






Jamie Archibald


GD Canada




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