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Weaving intertypes methods

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Hi everybody,
I'm having some problem with intertyped methods declaration.
To avoid being forced to define an ID for every entity in my domain, I created an aspect that do that for every class marked as @javax.persistence.Entity.
With this aspect I add

private String id;
public String getId() {...}
public void setId(String id) {...}
// more methods

to entity classes.

When it comes to deploy, tests fail due to the lack of the method getId() in the test entity classes. I think it is because maven-compiler-plugin:testCompile is invoked before aspectj-maven-plugin:test-compile hence intertyped methods are not been weaved yet.

The aspectj-maven-plugin has diffent compile and test-compile configurations (because I have more aspect libraries int test-compile than in compile).

Currently I resoved by adding another execution to the plugin weaving aspects *also* in generate-test-sources phase.
This seems to work, but obviously some aspect are weaved more than once and I don't know if this can cause problems.

Can you suggest me a better solution?

Many thanks,