Using javascript-maven-plugin with license-maven-plugin

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Using javascript-maven-plugin with license-maven-plugin

Lior Chaga


I'm trying to figure out how I can have a JS RIA archetype project, using the javascript-maven-plugin execution ( together with the license-maven-plugin (


Let's assume that in my project I'm using multiple 3rd party libraries, and eventually I'd like to have a single minified and obfuscated JS file, with all the licenses in it's header.

For example, I have a project called core-jsoo contains libraries for javascript object oriented pattern. One of these libraries is Namespace

Now assume I have another project that is using core-jsoo. I'd like to somehow attach the Namespace license to core-jsoo, so when I package the dependent project, the minified js will contain the Namespace license in the header.


Obviously, Namespace itself is not a maven project. It's just a js code I've downloaded and added to my project.


How can I do it? Sadly, I have no idea….