[ANN] buildnumber-maven-project version 1.2 released

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[ANN] buildnumber-maven-project version 1.2 released

Benson Margulies

The Mojo team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven
BuildNumber Plugin version 1.2.

The buildnumber plugin sets properties to numbers generates from SCM
revisions or other indications.

You can see more about the plugin at:


To get this update, simply specify the version in your project's
plugin configuration:


Release Notes - Mojo Build Number Maven Plugin - Version 1.2

** Bug
    * [MBUILDNUM-1] - javasvn issues, not respecting developerConnection
    * [MBUILDNUM-2] - Incorrect regexp in items documentation on
    * [MBUILDNUM-71] - buildnumber plugin doc errors
    * [MBUILDNUM-75] - ClassCastException in CreateMojo.getScmBranch
    * [MBUILDNUM-76] - ${buildNumber} in finalName not resolved to
value when Artifact.getFile() called in maven-android-plugin
    * [MBUILDNUM-85] - Buildnumber plugin doesn't fail on doCheck if
file is modified
    * [MBUILDNUM-89] - doUpdate is not documented

** Improvement
    * [MBUILDNUM-12] - There is no way how to get SVN revision into
formatted buildNumber
    * [MBUILDNUM-13] - Add @threadSafe support for maven3

** New Feature
    * [MBUILDNUM-7] - Special item scmVersion to format build numbers
with both scm version and serial number

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