[ANN] Tidy Maven Plugin 1.0-alpha-2 Released

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[ANN] Tidy Maven Plugin 1.0-alpha-2 Released

Anders Hammar

The Mojo team is pleased to announce another pre-release of the Tidy Maven Plugin, version 1.0-alpha-2.

The Tidy Plugin is used when you want to sort the sections of a pom.xml into the canonical order.


Release Notes:

** Bug
    * [MOJO-1942] - Whitespace gets mangled
    * [MOJO-1943] - Additional tabs inserted
    * [MOJO-1989] - tidy:pom drops some CR chars in new line on Windows

** Improvement
    * [MOJO-1939] - Preserve tabs while sorting pom
    * [MOJO-1983] - Add xml declaration

The Mojo team.