[ANN] Taglist Maven Plugin 2.1 Released

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[ANN] Taglist Maven Plugin 2.1 Released

Dennis Lundberg-2
The Mojo team is pleased to announce the release of Taglist Maven
Plugin, version 2.1.


Release Notes - Maven 2.x Taglist Plugin - Version 2.1

** Bug
     * [MTAGLIST-7] - Source gone awol, sourceDirectory not respected
     * [MTAGLIST-8] - If there's no comment after the tag, then the tag
is ignored
     * [MTAGLIST-9] - Spelling Error: occurences -> occurrences
     * [MTAGLIST-12] - NullPointerException if java file ends with a comment
     * [MTAGLIST-16] - Maven 2 Taglist Plugin: site documentation error
for the tags configuration element
     * [MTAGLIST-17] - Tags not found if located in javadoc
     * [MTAGLIST-18] - NPE when analyzing files that do not belong to a
     * [MTAGLIST-21] - NPE if xref has not yet been generated
     * [MTAGLIST-23] - Class name retrieval is not null safe

** Improvement
     * [MTAGLIST-2] - Taglist for test sources
     * [MTAGLIST-6] - Support for multi-project poms

Dennis Lundberg

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