[ANN] Mojo's Ship Maven Plugin 1.0-alpha-1 released

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[ANN] Mojo's Ship Maven Plugin 1.0-alpha-1 released

Stephen Connolly-2

The Mojo team is pleased to announce the release of Mojo's Ship
Maven Plugin version 1.0-alpha-1.

Mojo's Ship Plugin is used when you have continuous deployment scripts that you 
want to integrate with your Apache Maven build.

The plugin has the following goals.

 * ship:ship Resolves the shipVersion of the project artifacts and passes them to the ship scripts

The plugin has support for the following kinds of ship scripts:

 * Bean Shell scripts
 * Groovy scripts
 * Simple Apache Maven Wagon scripts


To use this version, simply specify the version in your project's
plugin configuration:


This is the first release of the Ship plugin.


The Mojo team.

Apache, Apache Maven, and Maven are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation.