[ANN] Mojo's RPM Maven Plugin 2.1-alpha-2 Released

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[ANN] Mojo's RPM Maven Plugin 2.1-alpha-2 Released

Anders Hammar

The Mojo team is pleased to announce the release of the RPM Maven
Plugin version 2.1-alpha-2.


To get this update, simply specify the version in your project's
plugin configuration:


Release Notes

** Bug
    * [MRPM-102] - path with space using the directoryIncluded causes
rpmbuild failure
    * [MRPM-115] - FileUtils.cleanDirectory() attempts to resolve and
remove children of symbolic links
    * [MRPM-118] - Build failure: date rollover in version string
causes "file not found" during install
    * [MRPM-122] - RPM lowercases architecture values, breaking mixed
case uses of architecture

** Improvement
    * [MRPM-120] - Integration tests: improve test error messages
    * [MRPM-121] - Upgrade plexus-archiver dependency
    * [MRPM-123] - Align reports with other Mojo projects

** Task
    * [MRPM-105] - Create integration test based on the maven-invoker-plugin


The Mojo team.


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