[ANN] Mojo's Maven Plugin for NSIS 1.0-alpha-1 Released

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[ANN] Mojo's Maven Plugin for NSIS 1.0-alpha-1 Released

Robert Scholte-3

The Mojo team is pleased to announce the release of the Mojo's Maven  
Plugin for NSIS version 1.0-alpha-1.

This Maven Plugin enables Maven integration with the NSIS tools so that  
Windows and Linux build machines can create Windows Installer EXEs.


To get this update, simply specify the version in your project's plugin  


Release Notes - Mojo - Mojo's Maven Plugin for NSIS version 1.0-alpha-1

** Bug
     * [MOJO-1350] - [nsis-maven-plugin] error generating project.nsh
     * [MOJO-1370] - Broken link on NSIS plugin website
     * [MOJO-1398] - [nsis-maven-plugin] Failed to generate setup.exe under  
non Win32 host.
     * [MOJO-1454] - nsis-maven-plugin mojo property name collision:  
     * [MOJO-1455] - nsis-maven-plugin ignores that outputFile is relative  
to setupScript
     * [MOJO-1526] - mvn nsis:compile doesn't work if target file is in a  
path with spaces
     * [MOJO-1663] - nsis-maven-plugin Cannot find parent:  
     * [MOJO-1934] - Invalid repo URLs in  

** Improvement
     * [MOJO-1456] - Check for outputFile in .nsi file
     * [MOJO-1595] - Change default execution phase of NsisCompileMojo from  
"compile" to "package"
     * [MOJO-1776] - Allow setting of classifer for artifacts

** New Feature
     * [MOJO-1935] - Allow the NSISDIR environment variable (NSIS  
installation directory) to be set

** Wish
     * [MOJO-1371] - Deploy NSIS Maven Plugin to a repository


The Mojo team.

Robert Scholte

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