[ANN] JAXB-2 Maven Plugin 1.5 Released

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[ANN] JAXB-2 Maven Plugin 1.5 Released

Anders Hammar

The Mojo team is pleased to announce the release of the JAXB-2 Maven
Plugin version 1.5.


To get this update, simply specify the version in your project's
plugin configuration:


Release Notes

** Bug
    * [MJAXB-62] - Discrepancy between version of JAXB impl in usage
page and what the plugin uses
    * [MJAXB-64] - NullPointerExcepion in transforming schema when you
set both @XmlType and XmlRootElement
    * [MJAXB-66] - The documentation of schemagen's outputDirectory
param is wrong
    * [MJAXB-73] - IT xjc-test fails with JDK 1.5

** Improvement
    * [MJAXB-63] - Incorrect since tag for new parameter transformSchemas
    * [MJAXB-65] - Improve documentation for the xjc target param
    * [MJAXB-67] - Schemagen's includes param should be marked as required
    * [MJAXB-68] - Add debug info of what JAXB impl version used
    * [MJAXB-69] - Upgrade the plexus-compiler-api dependency
    * [MJAXB-70] - Deprecate the readOnly option
    * [MJAXB-71] - Ensure no exception when a source directory does not exist
    * [MJAXB-72] - Upgrade the plexus-utils dependency

** New Feature
    * [MJAXB-54] - Make plugin m2e compatible


The Mojo team.


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