[ANN] Application Assembler Maven Plugin 1.5 Released

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[ANN] Application Assembler Maven Plugin 1.5 Released

Dennis Lundberg-2

The Mojo team is pleased to announce the release of the Application
Assembler Maven Plugin version 1.5.

The Application Assembler Plugin is a Maven plugin for generating
scripts for starting java applications. All dependencies and the
artifact of the project itself are placed in a generated Maven
repository in a defined assemble directory. All artifacts
(dependencies + the artifact from the project) are added to the
classpath in the generated bin scripts.


To get this update, simply specify the version in your project's
plugin configuration:


Release Notes

** Bug
    * [MAPPASM-96] - Deployment fails when used in combination with
version 2.5 of the maven-deploy-plugin
    * [MAPPASM-152] - repositoryName can not be used in
generate-daemons to give a separate location for the repository (JSW)
    * [MAPPASM-190] - invalid JAVA_HOME on mountain lion
    * [MAPPASM-194] - licenseHeaderFile ignored when generating booter daemons

** Improvement
    * [MAPPASM-93] - generate-daemon should support setting config dir
and repos dir

** New Feature
    * [MAPPASM-71] - Support  Repo's File Name Mapping


The Mojo team.

Dennis Lundberg

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