[ANN] Apache Maven Shared Utils 0.6 released

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[ANN] Apache Maven Shared Utils 0.6 released

Tony Chemit-2
The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the
maven-shared-utils, version 0.6

This project aims to be a functional replacement for
{{{http://plexus.codehaus.org/plexus-utils}plexus-utils}} in Maven.

It is not a 100% API compatible replacement though but a replacement
<with improvements>:
lots of methods got cleaned up, generics got added and we dropped a
lot of unused code. Although all
the classes are in different packages from plexus-utils, if the method
is present it will have the same
semantics, facilitating easy conversion.


Release Notes - Maven Shared Components - Version maven-shared-utils-0.6

** Improvement
    * [MSHARED-320] - Be able to mask some arguments in the commandLine API


-The Apache Maven team


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